Serve The People Food Action Collective (STP) helps provide food for fund raising events that support campaigns of marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

Serve The People Food Action Collective (STP) helpt voedsel te bereiden voor gebeurtenissen die campagnes van gemarginaliseerde sectoren in de Filippijnen ondersteunen.

Serve The People

Cooking in solidarity


Marginalized sectors are groups of people — like peasants, fisher folks, laborers, jobless urban poor dwellers, and indigenous people — who are unable to access basic social services such as health care, education and livelihood support because of government neglect. Because they are mired in poverty, they also lack basic human needs such as adequate food, nutrition, clothing and shelter.

STP mobilizes volunteers to SERVE good food and solicit donations from patrons to support marginalized PEOPLE in the Philippines.

The food actions operate on a “Pay What You Can” principle. We inform patrons that a donation of €4 covers the cost of a meal. But we ask patrons to set the price for their meals. We ask patrons who can afford to give more to donate more. Those who have a little less are encouraged to give what you can. People who are hungry but don’t have any money at the moment, can always help out as volunteers in serving and cleaning up after food actions. The amount collected, minus the cost of ingredients and incidental expenses (ex. venue), goes to organizations of marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

Stichting Linangan hopes to build solidarity by providing good food in a respectful and dignified manner to anyone who comes to the food actions while providing opportunities to support marginalized groups in the Philippines.

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