Linangan – Willem Geertman Art and Culture Network

Plant seeds of solidarity. Comfort those who hunger for freedom. Help quench the thirst for justice.

Kultura Pilipina

Kultura Pilipina is an Open Community Project that is a non-profit, multi-function, creative space-sharing environment where people can meet, work, collaborate, hold creative and cultural activities and events. The Kultura Pilipina is looking for spaces and venues where it can hold its activities and events.

Willem Geertman

The main space that Kultura Pilipina uses for its activities, wherever it may be, is named the Kuya Willem’s Hall. It is named after Willem Geertman, a Dutch solidarity worker who lived in the Philippines for more than three decades. “Kuya” is a Tagalog word for “big brother” and is used to express respect and fondness. Willem was well-loved and accepted by people in the communities that he had served and worked with.

Willem supported the struggles of poor peasants,  workers and indigenous people. He was a vocal defender of the poor and a courageous environmental advocate. In July, 3, 2012, he was murdered. Many believe that he was killed for taking the side of peasants and indigenous people against corporate mining, logging and other projects that adversely affect the lives and livelihood of the poor.

Save Lumad Schools

Linangan conducts information activities about neglected sectors in the Philippine society. Among the issues that the foundation is focusing its attention to is the right of people to health, education, shelter and livelihood.

Indigenous communities in several provinces in the Philippines have been able to establish alternative social programs despite lack of government support. These programs promote scientific and sustainable agriculture, literacy, numeracy, health skills and cultural studies. But these programs have been deprived of government support, or even ordered closed by local government agencies and military officials who accused the communities of inciting subversion against the government.

The people remain determined to build better lives through their own efforts. They are appealing to the international community for support.