Jun Saturay is an activist cook and community organizer.

He works with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst as part of the bASIC aCTIVIST kITCHEN (b.a.k.) which serves as a BAK’s community portal in engaging and collaborating with communities in struggle, and allowing them to access BAK’s resources such as space, social network, materials, and funding.

As an activist cook, Jun helps bring art into the kitchen, and brings the kitchen out into the art space. He believes that food preparation and the communal sharing of food is an important tool in quenching the thirst for social justice and satisfying the hunger for freedom from oppression and exploitation. He invites activists and communities in struggle to bring in their struggles and concerns to the kitchen where they can explore them like ingredients in a recipe, and find ways to cook them up into a common political action that can be shared together like a community meal.

“The activist kitchen is like a physical kitchen where we can satisfy not just the physiological need for nutrition and hydration (physical hunger and thirst), but also the craving for genuine revolutionary change. We need to develop the taste for collective political action. We need to develop recipes that will help us conjure images of the world where oppression and exploitation does not exist.”

Revolutionary music as a starter for a community meal.