“Pangandoy” is a Bisaya word that means aspiration or wish.

For many indigenous people in the Philippines, education has been a pagandoy, a wish or dream that was beyond their reach. Poverty, discrimination, lack of access to educational facilities and social conflicts have deprived many indigenous children from getting even the most basic education.

indigenous Lumad childrenThe indigenous Lumad and their struggle for education for their children

The indigenous Lumad people of Mindanao in the Philippines have long recognized the need for education. Many of the adult Lumad are illiterate and they have realized that this is one of the obstacles to progress and development in their communities.

To overcome this, they organized themselves and approached different organizations and local government agencies to set up schools in their communities. At present, there are more than 140 Lumad community schools have been providing free education for indigenous children and the youth.

The Save Our Schools Network is an international network of individuals and organizations working together to support the indigenous people of the Philippines, in their struggle to assert their children’s right to education.

Stichting Linangan’s Pangandoy Lumad Schools Project is a part of the Save Our Schools Network. The project aims to raise public awareness in the Netherlands about the plight of indigenous children and their community schools. It also aims to raise financial, material and moral support for the Lumad schools.

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